solo function, help

I have a project with multiple tracks.
What I need to do is this:
when I solo a track (any track) I want another specific track to get in solo too.
Let’s say that I want track 1 to solo whenever I solo any other track.
Is there a way to do this in Nuendo?
I can’t figure it out. :blush:
Probably is just not possible.
Any help really appreciated.

easiest way is to use the link function on the mixer.

Thanks for the reply JMCecil.
I though about that. But I want track 1 to be in solo whenever I solo any other track.
If I link all the tracks to track 1, whenever I solo one track, all the tracks get soloed.

Or are you suggesting to link one by one each track individually to track 1? Is that possible?
It would be time consuming anyway and I would have to forget about linking groups of faders for other purposes.

I was hoping to find something related to the solo function only. I know I am probably asking too much.

I don’t think there’s a way to do that other than selecting them. There’s not an “always solo me” setting that I know of.

You can use “Solo Defeat” on track 1-- it’ll keep that track soloed regardless of what you do with others. I think you get to it on Mac by either click-holding on the solo button for a couple of seconds or “option-clicking” (alt-clicking for you?) on the button. The solo button will turn into a yellow “D”. Look up “Solo Defeat” in the manual if what I’m talking about doesn’t work; I think the process has changed a little for N6, and I do not remember!

Hope this is what you’re talking about!

edit re-reading, I guess it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe an adequate workaround?


Thanks Chewy. Your suggestion solves the problem as I described it. The only problem is that I forgot to mention that track 1 is in direct monitoring.
The solo defeat solution is perfect but it doesn’t work with tracks in monitor, I don’t know why. It works only with playback tracks.
Thank you very much anyway, I never looked into the solo defeat function and it will be very useful for future projects.

Oof! You’re not using RME stuff by any chance? I think you could solve this one with Totalmix. Or barring that, monkeying with whatever cue functions are software built-in to your interface?


Yes I use RME but the input has to be monitored through Nuendo since I use the ARC system for room correction. I found another way, using a stand alone plugin host but it causes other problems.