(Solo) function Question


When I need to Solo a midi track assigned to a hardware synth’s midi channel, its audio input track is muted as well (which I don’t want to be muted), since the audio track is used to monitor/record the HW-Synths output.

Q. Is there a way to exclude a certain track from getting muted, when you use the Solo function ?

If Not, then how are you dealing with this type of scenario ?


Have you got the synth set up as an external instrument? This should be handled for you. But if not, you can solo defeat an audio channel (or any other channel), with Alt-click on solo. It will change from S to D.


Thanks for the info. Got it working.

OH… and Solo Defeat = [Alt + Control + Click] on the solo button.

I have the audio outputs of my HW-Synths setup as Audio Tracks, not as External Instruments.