Solo FX Channels

Yep, here’s another noob question that’s been haunting me for a couple of years (!) that i’ve been hesitant to ask, but what the heck:

Is there a way to solo an FX channel and only hear the effects, e.g the “wet signal”?
Whenever i solo an FX (or group) channel all channels sent to it gets soloed as well, which is kind of disturbing whenever i want to eq, compress (or whatever) an effect.

Hopefully there’s just a switch i missed to flip :slight_smile:

this has been discussed several times already. Use the “listen” function or switch the sends prefader temporarily.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the “listen function”…? Oh and prefader really doesn’t work here unless i pull down the fader on the source track. Which is annoying. This should be pretty elementary Steinberg!


This should be pretty elementary Steinberg

That is why Cubase has a “Listen” function. When you would work with an analogue mixing desk, then it is often called “Solo” or “PFL”

PFL vs Solo

PFL is similar to the solo button. There are two differences:
1.PFL is pre-fader, solo is post-fader (i.e. the fader affects the solo level).
2.PFL does not affect the master output but soloing a channel may do so (depending on the mixer).



Yes, obviously. Depends on your used software, you should consult your manual.

Surely… You could also use the mute button with the appropriate preference checked. But thats the way to go if you insist on using the solo function. Or if staying post fader, temporarily switch the sending tack’s output to “no bus” - also very annoying.

Take the time to learn about setting the control room. Once this is understood and set up correctly using listen via the L buttons on the mixer is a pleasure.

I could never go back. One thing I’d love to see is listen buttons on the tracks themselves not just the channel strips. Also a listen button on folder tracks would be awesome.

Well i guess i better study up on control room then… I’ve never got around to use it since i’ve never had any use for it.
But to be honest, being able to PFL FX-channels shouldn’t require anything other than ticking a checkbox in preferences. Let alone dragging the whole control room feature into the equation. Clumpsy.

But, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. The listen button is a great feature!

Absolutely! I may have been muttering too soon :slight_smile:
One more thing though: When i hit the L button everything sounds like it should exept there’s some leakage going on from all other channels. Even channels that are NOT sent to the FX. Did i miss a setting somewhere?

Of course you have: The listen DIM level. I´d suggest you take some time and as you already suggested, study up on control room…

I also need to know this, and TO BE HONEST; control room settings seems like a mess, it’s SO much to learn, that I won’t even need to use alone in my studio at my home. I just want to SOLO the effect so I can hear it without any DRUMS or so on it. Can it be so hard? any suggestions here? should be really simple and easy to do this tbh…

Read the thread once again from top to bottom. Everything explained there is valid for everyone - even you

no, to be honest, I’ve been activating the control room, and I’ve tried to use the “L” on the mixer channel where the effect is, it really doesn’t change anything to me…

oh btw, I’m on Cubase 7 now, no idea if it’s different tho

Then you need to configure the settings correctly.

No, apart from that the control room mixer is very ugly, it´s the same

Using the control room mutes preview playback in mediabay (which is a pain), something nobody mentioned anywhere in this post when singing control rooms praises.

And Im using Cubase 7 btw so maybe this issue has been intuitively resolved in the most recent version. I hope it has.

Using the control room does not mute anythimg if set up and configured correctly - not in Cubase 7 and not in any other Cubase version.
As written above:

You appear to be correct, so apologies for assuming otherwise.

I managed to set it up so I thought I’d share the key settings involved in case anyone else would rather just ‘set & forget’. After these settings have been made, you only need to use the [listen] function, no need to [Solo] first. Hope this helps.
Solo Aux Control Room Settings.PNG