Solo Group Channel - what else should solo?

I’m a bit confused.

Let’s say I’m mixing a song, just so everyone can relate. Individual tracks are routed to logical groups, i.e. kick/snare/toms etc to a Drum group, electrics to an Electric Guitars group etc.

I choose, for whatever reason, to send to a reverb that sits on an FX channel from the following individual tracks:

  • snare
  • background vocals
  • rhythm guitars

When I press “solo” on the Drum group channel all individual drum tracks solo as well, in addition to the FX channel. This makes sense to me because a member of the sub-group (the snare among the individual drum tracks) is sending to the FX channel.

But this also solos all my other tracks that are sending to the same FX channel, in this example also the bg vocals and guitars.

It’s as if the algorithm that decides which other tracks should solo goes “out and back a different path” if you know what I mean… from the Drum group backwards “via” direct routing to the snare, then via send to FX channel, then via direct routing again from that FX to back vocals, and to electrics, all of which are getting soloed.

Curiously, it stops there. So if my guitars had a send to the FX channel but were routed to a specific group for guitars that group would for some reason not be soloed, even though the individual tracks were.

So by pressing “solo” on the “Drum” group I get the following soloed:
Drums, Electrics, Background Vocals, FX channel

And I hear the following:
Drums (via group), Background Vocals (no group), FX channel

But not:
Electrics (“wrong” group).

I just don’t see the logic here. Anyone?

That isn’t normal and should not work like that. Can you post a session which exhibits the issue?

“the extension npr is not allowed.”



Btw: I tested this by looking at which channels were NOT soloed along with the Drum group, added the same send to the same FX channel for those channels, tried solo again, and now they were soloed as well (in this case two of the b-vox channels). (153 KB)

There seems to be something corrupt in that session. I re-created your drum group and re-routed and it works as expected.

Might be worth attaching that session to a bug report for Steinberg along with some steps as to how you got it in that state.

Thanks a million for checking. I will re-create the group and re-route.

I had the same experience. That never made any sense to me! But since I have a “real” desk, I just got in the habit of soloing from the desk to avoid the unwanted signals. You’re saying that this still happens in N7?

It was as I described it. I’ll try to rebuild the group, but I recall this happening in 6.0.7 as well every now and then. I don’t encounter it much doing post because of my workflow, but with music it’s different.

For what it’s worth I have never encountered this doing music. Logical session organization can go a long way.

I don’t think there’s anything illogical about the routing though. It’s hardly unusual to have different types of instruments feeding the same reverb instance. Or other effect for that matter.

Nothing illogical with routing source tracks to groups or using send/return effects.