Solo in MixConsole behaviour


pressing the S key on the keyboard (for solo) in MixConsole turns solo only for first selected track/channel. How can I change this behaviour? I like the way it works in Project window:
[]solo with “S” keyboard key for all selected track/channels,
]changing selected track/channel during solo deactivates solo on all other tracks/channels (of course this is “Enable Solo on Selected Track” in Preferences -> Editing -> Project & MixConsole).


The Key Command is not triggered for the 1st selected Channel in the MixConsole, but for the Channel in focus (with the red-frame).

As a workaround, make a Project Logical Editor preset and assign the S Key Command to it:
( Container Type > Equal > Track > Or
Container Type > Equal > Folder Track > ) And
Property > Property is set > Event is Selected

Track Operation > Solo > Toggle

Function: Transform

I’ve been so frustrated by this same issue. I followed the instructions laid out by Martin.Jirsak and it doesn’t seem to fix it on Cubase 9.5 or 10.

Any ideas? This tediousness must be bothering other people as well!

Hi and welcome,

What exactly doesn’t work? Does the Project Logical Editor preset work if you trigger it from the window?

Could you attach the Project Logical Editor window screenshot, please?

It sounds like you’re running into this problem:

Martin’s workaround is clever, but unfortunately it has problems. For example, it doesn’t work with linked channels. The only way to solve this problem is for Steinberg to fix it.