Solo in mixer?

Hi folks,

This is like only my second day messing around with the Dorico demo, so bear with me haha!

Picture this:

I have created a four part score (SATB)

In the play window, if i press the “solo” button on the bass “track”, i still hear all parts. Because it seems that this solo button actually solos the output of my VSTi on the mixer, not that bass “track”.

So it seems i’m stuck in a DAW mentality, but Dorico is working differently.

Ok, no big deal. But then how do i “solo” (in the DAW sense of the word) a particular instrument? Not, apparently in the play window. Is it possible in the write window? I tried googling “Dorico solo part”, but of course “solo” has a different meaning (solo instrument) in Dorico, so that didn’t get me anywhere.

To be honest, it’s a bit counter intuitive that the “solo” button in the play window doesn’t actually solo that particular part, i’m curious what the thinking is behind the way it’s designed.

So, to sum up, i’m really looking for the best workflow in order to be able to hear a particular part in isolation! (so, all other parts muted)…haha, there we go again, “muted” means something else of course in the classical world!

Honestly, this sounds really strange to me. When I solo a track in the mixer or in the play window, left panel, it does solo the track. Could you add a screenshot of your play window ? Or of the HALion’s window ? It might be easier to help you then :wink: