"Solo" in string section with continuation line

Dear users,

If I correctly remember, the indication “Solo” or “solo” on staff for strings section will be placed by alt + x.

I do not precisely remember that this indication has been occasionally used with a continuation line.

Would it be odd if I use it with a continuation line as follows?
I think it increases readability and clarity.

What do you think about it?

Any answer would be highly appreciated!

To my eye, the line adds needless clutter. If you simply indicate solo and tutti as appropriate, experienced string players will know what to do.


You can also define Solo in Playing Techniques, which would allow you to incorporate an extension line if you wished. I prefer to end a solo passage with ord. or nat., but if you prefer a line…

I would prefer to end it with “tutti”, but each to his own.

This would be beneficial if there were prolonged passages of back and forth with solo/tutti changing every 5 8ths or something fast, but not very straightforward. In your case a simple solo/tutti without the line would be better, even so when there is already a line present. Two lines are starting to compete with actual staff lines and music becomes harder to read.

If solo and tutti alternate that frequently, I’d prefer to notate them on 2 staves for clarity.

Good point, but I was thinking of a flute or oboe rather than a violin. (I guess I have a woodwind bias. :slight_smile: )