Solo instrument not appearing in condensed full score?

Hello, I’m stumped by the following situation. I have a full score including 3 oboe parts, with 3rd oboe also playing English Horn. The English Horn plays a solo bars 13-20. When the score is condensed, the English Horn solo disappears from the full score (but reappears in bar 20, on the next page). What am I not getting? I almost sent this full score to a conductor, and so it would have been a serious error to miss;
BCSO Spring 2022 - Score problem.dorico (1.0 MB)
I appreciate any help! Thank you so much,

Further note: when I deleted the Oboe 2 player entirely, the problem resolved itself. I checked my condensing settings, but I can’t find anything amiss.
Thank you again for any help.

As far as I know, this is a limitation with condensing as it stands right now, only the 1st instrument a player holds is included in condensing…

I’m sure someone much more expert on the way condensing works will chip in with a far better explanation soon…


@Toaster1974’s explanation is absolutely correct: at the present time condensing can only be applied to the first instrument held by each single player. This is definitely something we intend to expand upon in future versions.