Solo Issue...

Here’s something curious.

I’m working on some dialog. On one channel (let’s call it ‘Channel One’, it’s routed to two outputs:

  1. A DX monitoring group channel connected to stereo out.

  2. From the channel sends, connected to a mono out for stem export.

I have some other dialog channels set up (Call’em 2-X) , but only bussed to the DX group (not also sent to another output).

When in “Solo”, everything plays fine to start out with on Channel One. Moving to Channel 2-x, no problem… everything sounds great.

But… returning to Channel One: DX group is not soloed-- only the mono send. I have to un-solo and re-solo for DX to solo and for sound to return.

And… if I disconnect the send to the mono output, the problem disappears-- I can go from channels One through X and back again, and everything plays fine.

This seems like a glitch to me. Any explanations or duplications out there?

I can think of any number of possible workarounds, but still… I don’t THINK I’m asking the program to do anything extraordinary.


The answer was to use “Direct Routing” rather than bussing from a send.

Still… this is a soloing weirdness, isn’t it?


Yes, weirdness.

Works here though.

I created 4 tracks, all going to a Group (DX).
Track 1 also going to Mono Out.

  • Soloed track 1, DX group and Stereo Out and Mono Out all solo as well.
  • Switch solo to track 2, DX group and Stere Out solo as well (not Mono)
  • Switch back to solo track 1, DX group and Stereo Out and Mono Out all solo as before.

Did I get that right?

You did. Thanks for checking. I’m guessing… because I jumped to post before trying it in a clean project, that it may have had something to do with coming from an N5.5 project.



Almost certainly a correct assumption, Chewy.
I guess going from an earlier version to a newer one will always be problematic.

Yup… I went back and “rebuilt” the routing, and everything seems to be working fine now (direct routing wasn’t actually the solution to my woes).

Should have known better, and did, and was just too lazy to do anything about it… but I guess it’s template-rebuilding time again…