Do I have to remember to hold down “Cmd” EVERY time I want the second soloed track to un-solo the previously soloed track?

Isn’t there a global preference, or a menu item, to set the kind of behaviour I want?


Not sure I understand… You want solo buttons to not latch, is that correct? That’s how it is on my end so it has to be a preference somewhere.


Personally I really like NU’s option to have the Solo following the track selection. This fits my needs much better than the typical “Solo cancels previous solo”-feature of other DAWs like ProTools: You can have channels switching to “exclusive solo” by means of the cursor keys_*)_ or direct track selection, but you can also have latching solo by using the actual Solo butto - all at the same time.

*) … this is especially nice for the gap-less comparison of tracks, a.k.a “ref-check” :slight_smile:

Yes, Mattias; you do. I, too, believe it’s a preference “somewhere”. The question is, “Where?”

Aren’t they the same thing?

That’s what I want.

Where do I find the switch, to turn it on?

Where do I find the switch, to turn it on?

I, too, believe it’s a preference “somewhere”. The question is, “Where?”

Is this what you’re looking for?

Nuendo prefs:
Editing / Project & Mix Console / Enable Solo on Selected Track


Solo any channel, from now on Solo follows when you select another track.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Aaahhh! Yes. (Scratches chin)

I was clicking the “solo” button on the track, instead of “selecting” the track. That might be my Pro Tools background kicking in. Hmmm


You know, I think I got so used to having solo follow selected track that I forgot that solo latches by default.

We should maybe make it a feature request to have X-or and Latch both as a preference. I almost never need latch by default, so it makes more sense for me to have X-or as default and have the modifier key temporarily latch rather than the opposite…

+1, for an alternative to the current approach.

I have “Solo follows track selection” on a key command. I turn it on and off all the time depending upon what I’m doing. I find it very effective to hear what I want to hear when I want to hear it.