Solo/mute bug?


I use the solo button on a track, while another track in the project has a mute automation on it. When I unsolo that track, it goes into mute instead.

When I bypass the read mute automation on the other track, the solo function works as it should.

Anyone else has this c.q. knows how to solve it?

Kind regards,



Unless you have an aversion to 7.5.03 have you thought of updating?

Next, if you list the very precise procedure going step by step to create this to happen it would help so others could attempt to duplicate it. This is what Steinberg is going to require if you submit it as a potential bug.

Once the steps are listed, I bet others will try to duplicate it.

Thanks for your reply. I´ve updated to 7.5.30. Hmmm. My problem seems to be Arturia Spark VDM (VSTi) specific I just discovered. Better bark up at their tree, I guess.