Solo Mute Problem midi/folder tracks to groups

I am having this very weird behavior where a folder containing only midi tracks mutes or unmute the instrument track and the consequents groups.
I am using VEP…
In the video you can see how it behaves :slight_smile:

any clue how to fix it?

TBH, you didn’t even touch a mute button in the video. You only used the solo button.
So what do you expect to happen?

I don’t think I mentioned the usage of the mute button. I can see how my request can be confusing and I can rephrase:

Using solo or mute in a folder containing only midi tracks (hence should only affect those midi tracks) change the status (solo or mute) of the connected group consequentially muting also other connected midi track.

The behavior I am expecting is: Mute the folder or the midi tracks inside of it and leave everything else in the project in the original status…

thanks : )