Solo on Folder tracks is messed up

Folder doesn’t Solo MIDI tracks. Or, some tracks are actually Soloed while most are not. Why is this?

(It seems it does consistently Mute all containing MIDI tracks, though)

This lack of consistency makes my life hard, painful and troublesome.

Could you post a screenshot showing the issue ?

Here, everything works as expected, using a folder track containing 4 MIDI tracks : activating its Solo button DO solo all the MIDI tracks involved (one routed to a multichannel VSTi, the three others to external instruments) : all the other tracks are muted. But maybe I didn’t get correctly the issue you have reported.

Here a GIF showing that the Folder can Mute but not all MIDI-tracks are Soloed (the GIF starts after manually Soloing):


I made another GIF and included related FX tracks. I don’t know if FX can influence the Instrument tracks (FX connected as Sends from Instruments), but here they are:


On my end, muting a track included in the folder indeed makes the folder Solo button ineffective for this track. But, as soon as all the MIDI tracks have been previously set as ‘normal’ (no solo or mute state), the Solo button of the folder acts on all the tracks included in it : IMO, it’s the expected behavior.

After this, there is the FX tracks case : the problem that I have with your GIFs is that they are not showing MIDI tracks, for which FX tracks are ineffective, but instrument ones . So, after creating a folder track including most of my VSTis, I get the following:

  • Afetr having mute a given track A, using the folder Solo button keeps its muted state. If I then unmute the track A, it is directly soloed as all the other tracks included in the folder.
  • After having soloed a given track B, all the other tracks are muted, including the folder track that contains it. From this, and if I use the folder Solo buton, all the tracks are soloed, including the track B. The only issue I see here is that, if I ‘unsolo’ the folder the solo state of the track B isn’t kept. Concerning the FX tracks, it seems that the FX tracks solo state follows rather strictly the sources ones. It’s not the case with the mute state, but this is to be expected also, as a track muted shouldn’t send any signal to an FX one.

At the end, it seems that the whole thing is behaving as expected, but well… :thinking:

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OK, I wrote MIDI tracks, I meant Instrument tracks. But anyway, when doing as you suggested (first unticking all Solo/Mute), then the Folder states are reflected in all Tracks in the folder.

Thank you very much!

< Many thumbs up! > :smiley:

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