solo playback issue

whenever I mark a certain voice/instrument to listen to it ‘solo’ in edit mode and I go to playback mode and I do an automation or any editing in playback mode, the ‘solo playback-mode’ of my instrument doesn’t work anymore - all instruments are playing back.
I have to go back to edit mode and mark the voice/instrument again be able to only listen to that specific instrument.
I don’t want to use the mixer for doing this because it takes more time and it is (in some configurations) not always possible.

I just don’t understand why my ‘solo-instrument-palyback-mode’ is erased when editing anything in playback mode?

Selecting notes to play back just that instrument is a temporary operation that gets reset when playback stops. There is also another command though ‘Solo selected instruments’ (mapped to alt-S on my system) which will solo the selected instruments in the mixer, and that will stick until you change the mixer mute/solo settings. The command ‘Deactivate all solo states’ (alt-shift-S) will reset this.

cool idea…I’ll solve it like that…thanx