Solo Record in Midi Editor

When I open a Midi Key Editor it enables the Record on that track. Note that I have in Preferences “Record/Midi/Solo Record in Midi Editors” UNchecked.

I don’t recall the track record being enabled in this way before. Any views?


What about the “Select track when event selected” Preferences settings, please? And what about “Record enable when MIDI track is selected” Preferences settings, please?

Thanks for the reply, Martin. I had checked the manual and it seemed to say that the preference I mentioned is the one that would enable record when opening an event. Of course, it may be more complex that that!

Looking in Preferences :
Re : “Record enable when MIDI track is selected” - I cannot find that exact preference, perhaps you could let me know which section that is in. However, I can find “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track” and this is UNchecked. As a point, when I select a MIDI track Record is not enabled, but it is when I open the event editor on that track.

Re: “Select track when event selected” - I cannot find that exact preference. I can find “Track selection follows Event selection”, and that is also UNchecked.

Of course, I may be missing something blindingly obvious, in which case your further help is much appreciated.


I’m sorry, I was in the train. Now, I can tell you, what preferences I had in mind exactly:

  • Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track
  • Preferences > Editing > Track Selection Follows Event Selection.

OK, thanks. So as I note in my post both those preferences are UNchecked. In fact I have just done a test where I tried unchecking both, checking both. and I also tried combinations of both separately checked and unchecked. In all cases, when I open the key editor, the Record is enabled as before.

Is there a specific setting (maybe also including the preference : Solo Record in Midi Editor) that should - normally - stop the track going into Record when the Editor is opened?


There is not this kind of settings. But in general, the Record works different way, when the Key Editor is open.

Could you please again describe your use case? When do you record? If you hit Playback? Or if you hit Record, the data is recorded to this one track only? Or what is the problem, please?

Martin, I have not noticed before that the Record is activated on the track when I open the Key Editor, hence I think maybe something has changed that perhaps should not have done so. However, for sure the Record is activated whether “Solo Record in Midi Editor” is checked or not, and the manual seems to say that Record should not be activated when it is unchecked. i.e.

“Solo Record in MIDI Editors
Activate this to automatically Record Enable a track when you open a part for editing in a MIDI editor. For all other MIDI tracks Record Enable is deactivated until you close the editor again.
This makes it easier to record MIDI data when you edit a part – you will always be sure the recorded data ends up in the edited part and not on any other track.”

Normally I simply record Midi (VST’s) by arming a Midi or Instrument track with Record, pressing Play and then playing the parts on controller. I then open the Key Editor on that track and use it to tidy things up.

I don’t really know if the activation of Record on opening the Editor is a problem or not, but as I did not remember it happening before and because I don’t seem to be able to disable it, I wondered if my settings were correct.

What do you think?


Yes you are right, the Record Enable is automatically switched On, when you open the Key Editor. I have no older Cubase versions on this system. I will check it tomorrow with older Cubase versions.

But in general, why is this problem? It also switch the Record Enable, when you close the Key Editor, and the Record Enable was Off before.

Yes, if Record is off, when you open the Key Editor on that track Record is enabled, and when you close the Key Editor Record is disabled. Is there a reason for this? For instance, does Record need to be On in order for any changes made in the Key Editor to be made and saved?

Ultimately I guess it is not really a problem whether Record is On or Off unless it affects something else.