Solo regions in arrange window

I’m coming from Logic Pro to Cubase, and I couldn’t be happier, except for one function in Logic Pro I really miss:

the ability to solo selected regions directly in the arrange window without changing the solo/mute buttons on the channels. Let’s say I’m working with a mix of 100 tracks and I have soloed 10 channels of vocals to work with these separately for a while. Now I want to solo just two of these 10 channels without losing the solo/mute pattern that I’ve set up. As it is now, I have to rebuild the whole mute/solo structure each time I deselect “solo” on one single channel.

You previous Logic users would know what I mean, any ideas?

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. your provided information is easy to understand and implement.

Hiya, welcome to cubase joy,

one way you can do this is by selecting the play tool (hit 9) and click on the bit you want to solo, only issue is that this will bypass any FX.

Another way is to create a group channel for all the vocals, solo the group to get the group, solo the channel to get the channel.

Another option is to create folder track for the tracks you want to group (if you don’t want group channels in the mixer). This works the same way but in the arrange window.



Hi Paul, thank you for taking the time.

Is it possible to solo more than one selected region using the play tool? I manage only to play back one region at the time. Also, if I want to edit an insert while soloing, this method does not seem to work.

Creating new groups is not very convenient, as the need for “solo in solo”, in lack of a better term, is different from time to time. Maybe I want to solo 2 tracks that are routed to different groups, to hear how they play together, and then go one step back and listen to my previously set up pattern of mutes and solos.

This would be such a time saver. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean. There’s not such feature in Cubase :stuck_out_tongue: