Solo - selected track


simple question.
is there a way to solo the selected track in audio montage ala Cubase?
I can’t find any option in these regards.


Simple answer: it’s the little ‘S’ button on the left of the track, next to ‘M’ for mute.

Thanks for the answer but I was looking to automatically change the Solo if I select a different track in a different channel. Please let me know if it’s clear.

I know what you mean. Some DAWs like Pro Tools have this where soloing a track/channel cancels all other solos.

I’m not sure if WaveLab has this.

Doesn’t Wavelab have only one solo mode? Exclusive solo? Where some other programs have Solo in Place and Exclusive Solo, and maybe some other solo modes? And I think a mode like giankam is talking about, that solos the track when you select the track, rather than hitting the solo button? Can’t remember what program does that, but I thought I saw that somewhere. Giankam is that what you’re talking about? If so, what program does that?

Exclusive solo in Wavelab is fine with me, but I was just asking.

Sorry, just saw that you were talking about Cubase. duh.

afaik there’s no such feature in Wavelab.

In Cubase if I solo a channel and select a track in another channel the solo is transferred to the channel related to the track I’ve selected.

Is such a thing doable in Wavelab?


Ah, that kind of solo. I don’t think it’s possible in WL, though the manual does describe this option (p.109): “If Solo Track When Editing is activated and you keep the mouse button pressed when editing ranges in the montage window, the track is soloed when you start playback using the shortcuts for Play Audio Range, Play from Anchor, or Play until Anchor. This option is only available in the Audio Montage window.” Maybe it’s close to what you want.

Also, there’s mention of a solo function for the ‘selected track’ when using the CC121 remote device (p.23), but I doubt it really moves with the selection of the track.

Not precisely like Cubase but maybe try the keyboard shortcuts:

1 + O solos track 1
2 + O solos track 2
3 + O solos track 3

and so on…