Solo shortcut unresponsive inside of channel settings window on MacOS

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that when I’m working on my Mac (which is where I usually work) the “s” button solo shortcut does not work when I have my edit channel settings window open. It will work just fine when that window is closed but not when it is open. I also have a PC running Windows 10 and I never have this issue when I’m running Cubase Pro 11 on that system. It looks like:

                      1. Select Track
                      2. Open Edit Channel Settings window
                      3. Press "s" on keyboard to solo the channel
                      4. Cubase is unresponsive to shortcut

I’m using the last Intel MacBook Pro (2019). Running Catalina OS version 10.15.3. I just updated to Cubase 11.0.20 to see if that would solve the issue and it was unsuccessful. This his been such an annoyance in my workflow. If anyone has a solution to this issue please share.

I have the same issue with Windows 10 and 11 Pro. I have to click the actual S button as the Keyboard shortcut command wont work with the channel open.
This was before the latest update.

Well that’s certainly not good. I haven’t had the issue on my Windows computer yet. In fact, the only time it did respond well was when I first downloaded the update to 11 pro. Then I’d say I noticed it messing up starting maybe a few weeks ago before the update. It is so frustrating.