Solo staves in score editor

Does anyone know if it’s possible to solo staves in the score editor? I mean when several MIDI parts are opened that one can select staves and solo them. The same would be very handy in the key editor, too… thanks for any tips!


Sorry, you can’t do this. You can only Solo the editor. So all data from the editor are playing back, but all other data are muted.

There is a workaround, though kludgy. An advanced user could use it though.

Create a Generic Remote and assign commands to the tracks involved.

Route a device to GR input. I used my midi keyboard, sacrificing a few low notes on the keyboard, but of course any midi message the GR understands can be used.

The big caveat here is: if you move tracks in the project view, they will lose their Generic Remote command assignments.


Thank you very much Steve, that sounds feasible, I’ll try that!