Solo tracks on reverb issue

I am putting reverb one by one on several audio tracks. However, whenever I solo one track then Cubase automatically solos all the other tracks with that reverb on them. Therefore without switching off all the other soloed tracks I cannot listen to the one I am doing. Is there a way to stop Cubase soloing all the other tracks with reverb so I can just solo the one I am working on?


My expectation is, your use case is following:

Am I right?

If yes, then this is by design.

If not, please, describe your routing.

Thanks Martin. What I have is an Instrument Track routed to an Effects Track.


Is it an Instrument Track with Multi-outs, or not? Does the Reverb sits in the Effect Track (by Effect track, do you mean FX?)? Is it routed via Send or the output? Do you Solo the Instrument Track or the FX Channel? Do you Solo in the Project window or the MixConsole?

Do you mean “reverb sit”. And yes, an FX track. I’ll check and get back to you with the other questions. Thanks.


Yes, sorry… I mean “Reverb sits”.

A “normal” Instrument track. I am not sure about multi outs but I have not added anything to have more than one out. The reverb sits in the FX track. The instrument is routed there by a Send. I Solo the Instrument track. I Solo in the Project window. Hope that helps.


OK, it was an Audio track in the 1st post, now it’s an Instrument track…

If you solo in the Project window, the only one track + the Send + the output channel should be soloed. The rule is, all Sends and Outputs have to soloed to hear the signal.

If you Solo the FX Channel, all the source tracks have to be soloed. Otherwise there is no signal.

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Whoops sorry, yes it is indeed an audio track. I can send a screenshot but which screen would you need?

Your point about soloing the FX Channel is very interesting. Just to reiterate : what I need is to add a send from the audio track to the FX track (which has reverb on it), then I want to listen to that reverb and adjust the send level. So I solo the (audio) track to listen to it, then add the send. But soloing the track mutes all the other tracks, including the FX. So then I have to solo the FX, which then solos all the tracks with sends to that FX - which is what you said.

However, because of your comment about all source tracks, I think I may have figured it. If I solo the audio track before I add the send, then I have the problem. But if I add the send, then solo the track only the track and the FX channel are soloed. Which is what I want!

Does that make sense?


Yes, this works exactly, as specified.

If you Solo the source Audio track before you connect the FX Channel (thru the Send), there is no reason to Solo the Send. So it becomes Muted.

If you Solo the source Audio track after you connect the FX Channel (thru the Send), the FX Channel becomes Soloed, because it’s connected to the source Audio track.

If you Solo the FX Channel, all inputs are also Soloed (otherwise you wouldn’t hear anything, if you would Solo only the Send), so all your Audio tracks already connected to the FX Channel become Soloed.

It works as specified.

Got it! Thanks Martin.