Solo violin symphony style

Hi! How do I get my solo violin here from concerto-style to symphony-style?

  • I want it bracketed with the rest of the strings
  • Not showing on page 1
  • Act as group-member regarding system-objects

In the left panel of Setup mode, right-click the solo violin player and untick “Soloist” in the menu that appears. If you still want them labelled as a soloist, (still in the left panel of Setup mode) expand the player’s card to reveal the instrument, then click the ellipsis > Edit Names and type whatever you like.

Is there also a way to hide it from page 1?
(Hide/show instruments per instrument)

Sure. Set Manual Staff Visibility at the beginning of page 1, then add a Manual Staff Visibility change at the start of page 2 and set it to Reset the solo violin (in order that it follows whatever you’ve set globally - presumably to hide empty staves except on the first page).

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Or, treat the Solo Violin as a Divisi with Violin I?


Perfect. Thanks!

That looks intriguing. But, I couldn’t really figure out how to do it.

Just set the divisi as solo + gli altri and change the labels. Hide the group name or you’ll get an extra label on the left and (in Engrave), hide the label text at the point of the divisi change.

Two issues:

  • The violin 1 section has a hairpin going over the divisi. But that ended up on the solo-violin-staff
  • There was no option for short names?

So, it was easier for me with pianoleos method.