Solo Violin Virtual Instruments

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend one of these libraries over the other:

  1. Joshua Bell Violin by Embertone
  2. Stradivari Violin by Native Instruments

I feel that they both have a lot of potential but need quite a bit of epertise to actually make them sound good. What do you think?

(In the end I am diving into the world of tweaking around the playback myself… I started out with NotePerformer two years ago. Now I bought pianoteq pro and find the piano result is MUCH more convincing. I am also experimenting with Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 which I am finding pretty impressive!)

The Embertone one can sound really good - but it takes a lot of in depth cc editing to create realistic results.

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I didn’t want to be “that guy”, but if you get a similar answer on the Stradivari, I find the Abbey Road version of Spitfire solo violin (not expensive) to be tailor made for easy “play it in” without any in depth editing. I think that is their explicit goal with the Abby Road module series, versus BBC Symphonic for example in their other line or Opus say.

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Spitfire one is a good option, actually - very reasonably priced and sounds decent right out the box. The Embertone one also sounds good out the box, but obviously has far more scope for sounding really really good with careful editing…and it seems to be a lot cheaper these days than it used to be!

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