Solo within a soloed group? How.

I’m soloing 4 instruments. I want to hear one of them in solo quickly, then return back to the previous soloed state of 4 instruments.

Is there any way to do this quickly?

unsolo the others…?
Use Listen…?

thanks, i’ll check out Listen.
This seems like a pretty standard problem with likely a well-known solution, if any.

Let’s say I’m working on a tune with multiple tracks and I want to solo the bass, kick, rhythm guitar, and vox…

To hear JUST the vox, I have to scroll up and down the whole project to find the other soloed tracks in order to un-solo them.

Try hitting the “mute all” button at the top and then hit solo on the tracks you want to hear.

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No need to scroll.

  1. Deactivate all solo states.
  2. Solo the vox track.

I don’t want to deactivate all solo states.
I want to temporarily solo the vox, work on it, then unsolo it and be back in my previous working solo state with just the 4 instruments.

I find I frequently want to do this - to solo within a soloed group.

Then use Listen, you will need to use the Control Room for that.
Open vst-connections (F4) enable Control Room and then set Output to Not Connected, in the Studio tab set the monitor to that same connection you just unconnected.

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perfect. thanks. works great.
Decided to add the listen button to my arrange window as well, and assign a key command to it.