Probably easy task for some hardcore pro but I do have hard time finding a solution from “preferences”.
Soloing key “S” works only on the main window, if there’s another active window it won’t recognise the function. It used to work like that on older versions as I remember. Total time waster, hopefully somebody knows better.



Do you mean the Key Command? This doesn’t work at all Windows. But it should work in Project window, MixConsole and Channel Settings Window. Doesn’t work in Editors.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I forgot to “always on top” for Plug-ins but it doesn’t work for Channel Settings, can’t find any preferences for that.

Sorry, I was wrong, it doesn’t work in the Channel Settings Window.

No it doesn’t work. Yes it is irritating. There are many, many, many complaints and FRs around the crappy keycommand targeting that resulted from the addition of the mixconsole. This many years later and it still isn’t sorted out.

Thanks for making things clear, JMCecil!

I’m actually kind of touchy on this subject :slight_smile: I have tendonitis in my hands, so I use the keyboard over the mouse whenever possible. Having the windowing/focus all jacked up has caused me no ends of trouble. To this day I still have trouble making sure I have the focus on the correct window. It is not consistent for when focus is required. On top of the focus issues, the addition of the OSX oriented “application bar” has added unnecessary complexity to the tabbing process on Windows. Although still stupidly cumbersome on Windows, the tabbing consistency has improved considerably in C9 and 9.5.

So, in general you need to make sure that the thing you are trying to do is in focus prior to hitting the keycommand. It’s not always easy, especially if you are on a roll. Maybe C10 will see efforts to fix keycommand targeting. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath.