Soloing channels while routing

Hi, So as I route my tracks into a Group Channel, I cannot solo the group channel or the single track to hear it. The only way I am able to get passed that is if I have a Send go to the same group channel. Is this normal?? I just want to route my tracks to the appropriate Group channels and still be able to solo what ever I want. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance!


Why you cannot do so? Do you mean routing of Output of the Audio track, to the Group?

What happens? And what is your expectation?

Sorry for replying so late. Originally when I expected to hear (just guitars) I would hit solo on the Group channel and have all GTR tracks soloed but it would remain mute. However I saved the project and when I came back to it the next day I was able to solo the group channels just fine. Keep in mind I routed after I started the project so It was an “after thought” with that particular project. I think all is fine now. I guess there is usually an auto link when you route tracks to a particular group track??? Anyway Thanks!!