Soloing Frequencies in MultiScope Tool?

I’ve recently migrated to Nuendo from SAW Studio because my work is primarily post-production oriented. However, there was a specific feature in SAW’s spectrum analyzer tool that I’m sorely missing: I was able to simply click on one or more frequency ranges in the tool and it would solo those out so I could hear exactly what was happening in those frequencies, excluding all others. This was a GREAT way to find hisses, hums, and other annoying noises for EQing.

Is it possible to do this with Nuendo’s tool? Or is there another analyzer plugin that WILL allow this functionality? Thanks a million in advance.


  1. Make sure you’re using the Control Room so you can easily pipe a signal out to the plug-in without having to worry about putting it on the channel you want to listen to or worry about 2-buss processing.
  2. Look for Voxengo’s SPAN (it’s free). It does exactly what you want.

Thanks for the tip Likely, but I cannot seem to make it do what I’d like. The Studio Frequency Analyzer that I’m referring to was a 50 band analyzer which would simply let you click on any band, say 8k, and it would only play the sounds falling in that band. What made it even better was that you could cntl-click another band(s) and add them to the output. It was incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful for finding those problem sounds in the mix.

So far, I haven’t been able to figure out how to make SPAN do anything similar. Can you elaborate?

Thanks a million.


Hold CTRL when in SPAN to solo the particular frequency. Using other modifiers you can change the bandwidth of the soloed frequencies. It is not a graphic analyzer though so maybe not 100% what you are wanting.

Another option is EQuality by DMG audio. It more or less does the same thing with modifiers and also is a great mix eq