soloing group channel but fx channel stays muted

Hey guys,

yesterday I was mixing some drums and had my individual drum channels grouped to a stereo group channel.
The individual snare channel had a send going to an fx channel track that had reverb on it.

When I solo the drums via the grouop channel, the fx channel track stays muted which is annoying because I am not really hearing the entire drum mix completely. I can un mute the fx channel but then any other instruments that are being sent to that same fx channel come through. Is there any way to do this?

Also, is there a way to be able to solo just the fx channel track to hear only the reverb without having to go to the individual instrument channels that are being sent to it and engage pre fader button and pull down the fader, this would take forever on a large mix and create chaos.



Use Solo Defeat on your FX Channel. To enable Solo Defeat, hold Alt+Ctrl and click to the “S” (Solo) button in the Project window or MixCOnsole window (you can also use long-click in the MixConsole window).

This will keep your FX Channel soloed, even if it “should be” muted by other rules.

I prefer to use “listen” (the L button), for both your questions (make sure you set it up in the control room first).

Isnt the original Posters question finally asking for soloing and muting individual audio-signal-chains at once? (including sends, Routing Targets, etc.).

You might want to consider to use the vst Preference “Mute sends when muting”.


and another thought: Would it be a Problem to feed the reverb fx-channel via a POST-FADER-Send?

Cheers, Ernst

ah ha! thanks, this should work. Will try it out later and let ya know how I go.

Using the Listen button you can still hear the direct sound. But I just had a thought, perhaps I could lower the Listen volume top a very low level in the preferences, this might work. Will try it later.


Hey guys,

I setup the listen button from control room and lowered the “background” slider to minus infinty. That works perfectly fro wanting to solo fx returns and hear just the return channel itself without any direct signals.

Now I just gotta tackle the other issue. keep ya posted. Thanks,