Soloing issue with groups and sends

Hey people, there seems to be an issue when dealing with sends and groups. Imagine this routing:

subgroup → main group → mixbuss → master
subgroup → (send) fx → mixbuss

if you solo “main group”, the send “fx” will be muted, even if it is connected with “sub group” and even if “mixbuss” is soloed as well.

This is an issue when you need to monitor certain groups with their subgroup sends, or export these groups with the sends enabled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create the same routing mentioned above
  2. solo “main group”
  3. the fx send will be muted

Yep, this is when the intermediate group doesn’t directly have the send or the return of the FX channel routed to/from it and the send is from a channel earlier in the chain (if the send is on a subsequent channel, it works). I think it has more or less always been like that, at least I vaguely remember running into something like this before.
You could open a bug report with Steinberg, maybe in a few years after several paid updates they’ll fix it… :man_shrugging: Or it is Cubase’s passive-aggressive way of telling you “simplify your routing” :grin:

Yeah I think I remember this as well, long time ago. But still, this is an unnecessary issue, which overcomplicates a lot of things. My workaround for now is, that I send the FX to the groups in between (here “main group”), activate them, but set them on -∞. So they always get selected as well.

But this way I have to make double the work, and it gets exponential, the more groups are in between…
Not really a solution.