Soloing KIT Group fails to solo Snare Verb

There’s been a few solo issues which may have been sorted out by now but this may be one that’s slipped through.

I have a GAO kit with multiple outs, sent to a stereo group. This Group and the Snare Channel send to two different returns (both reverbs, as it happens). Now…

  1. If I solo the Snare Channel both returns are soloed, as you would expect, and I get the full reverb.

  2. If I solo the Group instead, only that return lights up and I don’t hear the Snare reverb until I solo its return manually.

Doesn’t seem to be anything in Prefs that deals with this. Anyone else note this behaviour?


Bump. Surely I’m not the only one…

Well, if the Snare return has no direct relation to the group track, it will stay muted. Everything else would be strange.
You could activate a send from the snare return to the group, with no actual send level.

Do you mean that because the return isn’t routed to the group it won’t be included? The snare verb return is soloed with the snare so Cubase must regard them as part and parcel. Why then, when soloing the snare as part of the group, does it change its mind? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Your suggestion of the dummy send works - thanks! - but I’d rather not have to remember to do that all the time.

Rather because it is not directly connected / related, which is why the dummy send thing works

Because in the first example you´re soloing the snare track directly in the 2nd example, you´re soloingh the group track, not the snare. In both cases only the directly connected channels are activated.

What’s not directly connected about the snare verb return? Ok, I know, not literally. But don’t you think it should be included, logically speaking, being as how the snare uses it? I can’t think of a situation where you would want to exclude fx sends from elements within a group when you solo the group. Surely the whole point of groups is to keep everything - including sends - together?

Well, I personally and logically think, If I want something in a group, I add it to the group. If I solo a group, I want to hear the tracks of the group. That´s why I put them into a group.

Just because you can´t does not mean others can´t…

Exactly. But including the send returns. Anyway, let’s not go round in circles on this. Anyone else like to jump in and make a case one way or the other?

Make your FX channels Solo Defeat (Alt click solo button)

Mmm. Another good idea - (thanks!) - but still a workaround. Depending on how you view the matter. For me it’s not a technical question of can you (yes) but musical-flow-chart one of should soloing a group include all channel sends, i.e. are they fundamentally part of the sound you are handling?

A specific case: a drum kit with a snare sent to a verb through a group with a second ambient verb. My contention is that the extra bit of verb on the snare is fundamental to the sound of the kit and you need to be able to hear it all in isolation, without having to perform trickery (for which I’m grateful because I’m sure they’ll come in useful elsewhere too).

No getting splinters in your backsides now…

Yeah, seems solo is still all over the place. Hopefully Steiny sort it out with the new code.

Same problem here doing stems most tracks are routed to groups. It doesnt makes sense to mute the efx sends when you solo your group. Steiny please fix this :open_mouth: