Soloing one track solos others

Ive got a project that when i solo a track, any track, could be midi, VST instrument or audio, one of my FX tracks gets solo’ed and the high tom track from a Halion 3 VST. Every time. Un solo’ing any of them leaves the other tracks solo’ed so i always have to use the un solo button at the top whenever I want to hear the whole project.
Is this a setting somewhere? I cant see how they are linked.
Ive got another project and that works as I’d expect.

Cubase 11 pro, Win10.


If the channels would be linked, then even unsold would work.

Could you try to Save as New Version or Back up Project? Is it the same in the new project? Could you attach a screenshot of the routing (MixConsole), please?

If you have an effects send or and type of link between channels then this is the correct action of Cubase.

Thanks for the replies.
The track was part of a dissolved midi drum track. When I did the dissolve, 5 Halion instrument tracks were created. This was one of them and had no sends and I had not made any adjustments to it.
It was just getting sent to the stereo master bus, the same as all the tracks.
I had to sort it so moved all the midi data to a new track and it’s all now working ok. I didn’t keep the offending track so can’t supply a screen shot.

I can understand that sometimes multiple tracks will get soloed together, but the fact that it would always stay soloed unless I used the un solo all button was confusing. Also I couldn’t un solo it using its own solo button.

Ah now I understand. I only use halion for single tracks and never drums so I hadn’t come across this.

I don’t normally split the drums but I have done a few in the past and everything normally works as it should.
Each drum sound is using it’s own instance of Halion, so they aren’t even linked in that way.
It’s so strange how even soloing an FX track that was newly created just to test this causes it to solo.


Could you attach MixConsole screenshot where we would see the Routing and the FX panne open, please?

Sorry, as I said I didn’t keep the track so it’s gone.