"Soloing" Problem with Cub9 and VEP6

Hello everyone.
Working with Cubase 9 and VEP 6 (1 Master, 2 Slaves, all 64 bit) I’ve encountered the following problem:
First I set a VEP instance which I fill with various instruments, I set the midi channels, the outputs etc. So far, everything is working just fine.
Then I want to mute a midi track- that works as well.

However, when trying to listen a miditrack „solo“, all the other miditracks and vst instruments of this VEP instance in Cubase 9 are
being set to „solo“ too, and when it comes to packed VEP instances, I have to mute each and every affected other track manually.
Talk about spontaneity…

Now what I can do is give up all the advantages of VEP and simply install but one instrument per VEP instance, which means I can’t even fit
all necessary instruments into the PC since the number of VEP instances are limited.

Or I mark the tracks I want to listen to, go into Cubase editor mode and switch to „solo“.
That works as well but stops me from being able to change the EQ value- the editor simply closes as soon as I touch an EQ.

Does someone know an answer to this? Is it because of VEP6 or Cubase 9? Does Cubase 10 do it better or maybe Nuendo?
Past threads didn’t provide a solution, unfortunately.
Am I really the only one to have this issue that, when it comes to larger projects, I find to be quite an
imposition ?

I’d be thankful for useful responses; thanks in advance.


Do you solo the track in the Project window or the Return Channel in the MixConsole? I would recommend to so the Return Channel.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply.
But- Solo Return Channel in the Mix Console: Reverse (same) result, all miditracks of the VEP instance are solo.


The reason is Cubase doesn’t know from which MIDI track is the MIDI signal tired to the Audio Return Channel. So to make sure the MIDI data will be sent to the Instrument Cubase has to Solo all MIDI tracks of there Instrument.