Soloing single elemets with Reverb.

Hello Cubase masters,

Let’s say you have a finished mix, and you want to solo one instrument at time quickly and switch between them, and you have the reverb on them. When I solo one element with the reverb, the reverb also engages the other instruments of the sends.

How to solo one instrument + send-reverb at time in a fast way?

Thank you.

Are you by any chance using pre-fader sends?

There is a setting if to mute those or not.

And not to do multiple clicks - Ctrl click on solo makes it exclusive - one click to solo another track.
And hold solo 2s on effect bus solo button, to make it defeat solo - and it never mutes when something is soloed.

Don’t know if I got you right, but tested here and it works as I expect it to with post fader sends.
What I find difficult to understand is the symbol for pre/post fader send - a blob and a dot???
I had to go through extensive testing to figure how this works.
Anyway - post fader send have dot on the right.

Hi, my problem is that when I solo one instrument with the reverb (postfader send) Cubase solos also others instruments with the same reverb on them.

Thank you.