Soloing tracks causes grabbing sound


I have problem with project- the tracks are recorded and also partially edited. in the middle of mixing suddenly there was a strange problem - when I solo some track - the sound stumbles and grabbs, but even weirder is that playback is smooth when I have all the tracks running. I’ve noticed that the problems go away when I turn on the guitar group track. In other words - when the whole project is running - everything works. when one track is soloed- sound grabbs. When any track is soloed with guitar group track- sound is good. it’s a mystery to me - I also tried to change the buffer, but it didn’t help. I use focusrite scarlett 2i2. Please help

…and…when everything is on and i mute guitar group- sound grabbs…so the problem will be in the guitar group, but i really can’t figure out what the problem is

What means grabbs?

i dont know how to describe it in english- maybe pluck, or tear- every moment the signal is interrupted, similar to losing a signal during mobile communication

ive just tried disabling all the plugins and it helped so the problem will be in some of them- so I’ll have to go through it one by one and check the settings

so Ive just sold the problem - it was the BLACK plugin from acoustica audio. When I turn it off, everything works fine. But I would still be wondering why it do that - this plugin eats a lot of CPU- maybe computer doesnt manage it?