solo'ing tracks throws sync off

This bug has plagued me for years but only now, by reading a similar post, I discovered what causes it.

When running something that’s supposed to sync to Cubase - for example Maschine - sync will be lost when solo’ing a track.


I can have a loop playing just fine in Maschine - hit solo on the vocal track - BAM sync is lost until it picks up from the next bar.

What is going on here???

It also happened when I used DSI Tempest but thought it was a bug with that. But no - something is causing Cubase to throw the midi sync when soloing tracks.

Happens regardless of using Maschine as VST or insert fx

Follow up:

Just tested with an arpeggio pattern in Spire and the exact same thing happens so nothing to do with neither Maschine or Tempest but someting inside Cubase.