soloing with Control Room

I would like to be able to solo various instruments during recording while the musicians at at recording session still hear the full headphone mixes I set up for them utilizing the control room.

Is this possible?


Use control room. Info is in manual.

I do use Control Room. I have read the manual although i may be missing something.

My problem is that when I solo an instrument it is also soloed in the headphone mixes as well, which is not the result i am trying to achieve. There is nothing i can find in the control room panel that changes this.

I don’t use Nuendo to record acoustic sources, so I can’t really help you with your specific setup. But I believe the diagram on page 176 may offer clues. The “Studio Sends” live before the AFL that feeds the “listen bus”. …

Thank you for that.

I’ll try to wrap my feeble brain around that and try to make it work.

You may be sending the wrong mix to the studio. Do you have a project you can attach to a post here? I may have some time to take a look at it tomorrow.

Maybe post some screen captures of the routings in the vst connections, Control room mixer, and routing matrix?

I use CR all the time with solo and listen enabling to focus on what’s being recorded and have never had an issue unless i select the wrong source on my central station that feeds the studios.

I really appreciate the feedback.

I got this all going yesterday through the use of the listen bus. I just wasn’t using it properly.


Feeding musicians via Studio Send busses is only one application of non-destructive A/PFL. Ever since the CR was introduced I’ve wanted a key command for accessing the Listen Bus of the CR so it would function as a real console - A/PFL, non-destructive, CR only. Having to mouse over to the L button on the fader is unproductive. Unless it slipped in via an update and I don’t know it, it’s still a pain that I can’t do that.


File -> Key Commands -> Mixer -> Channels: Listen On/Off

Can usually assign the solo button on control surfaces to the listen bus instead of the SIP functionality of the solo button.

Corroborating LikelyStory. Listen bus works for solo here on my MC Control.


Hello likelystory and Chewy,

Thanks! That feature crept in when I wasn’t looking although I often find things I don’t know whenever I open the manual or go through unused menus.

That’s why I use this forum,
Thanks very much,