Soloist instrument from a file to another file

Hello everyone, I have a piece for solo instrument and string quartet that I have transcribed for the same instrument and string orchestra. It has several flows.

I recently made some changes to the solo instrument in the string quartet version and I would like to bring those changes to the string orchestra version and not rewrite them one at a time, of course. How could I do it in the simplest way possible?

Thanks and best regards.

I think probably opening both projects at the same time and then copying and pasting the material from the solo instrument from the revised score to the string quartet version would be the way to go.

Thanks, there is no option to export only the content of an instrument and then import it, I guess, right?

No. What you can do is import a whole flow inside another file, but I think it’s obvious Daniel’s advice is more efficient here.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: