Soloists and Large Timesignatures

It would be nice if the engraving option time signatures > time signatures centered on brackets „instruments between Brass and Strings“ would not include soloists when the „treat as single bracket“ is chosen.
I find that soloists should always be handled separately to be easily distinguishable by the eye for the conductor.

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This attitude I simply do not understand. Please trust the conductor to mark their score as they need, not you assume they need.

I disagree. Soloists have a special role in an orchestral setup, and the conductor needs to be able to pay special attention to their parts. Having them to look at other instruments to figure out the current time signature seems unreasonable to me.
In the end isn’t all we do make assumptions about what conductors/musicians need and how to aid them?

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Wouldn’t a conductor especially need to keep an eye on the soloist’s part? And wouldn’t a good engraving help with that? A score where the soloist doesn’t stand out would need a lot of otherwise unnecessary markup indeed, and be annoying to work with.