SoloViolin sound is distorted

The sound of the solo violin in Dorico IPad is distorted on my device. You can hear it in the video that there are crackles after the high C .

Thanks, I can reproduce this problem. We’ll look into it.

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Yes. Same. Also the gm flute at f6 - f#6 - g6 appears to have anomalies.

When initially changing instrumentation to the gm 74 flute (Iconica patches)
Dorico (3.9 MB)
, I also get a strange grumble. See video.

Ahh, I seem to have found the problem (perhaps). I changed the expression map to default and the grumbling went away.

f6 - f#6 - g6 are still hoky though.

Is there a way to mute these notes that have problems?

Not easily, I’m afraid. My colleagues in the HALion team are looking into these problems, and I’ll report back when I have more information.

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Super, thanks.

Are there any news about this sound issue? I hope it will be fixed soon, because I use the solo violin a lot and it’s a pain to hear these crackles in the playback.

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No news as yet, but I will give my colleagues in the HALion team a prod and ask if they have an update for me.

An update: we have identified the problem here, and this should be fixed in the next Dorico for iPad update when it arrives.

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Thank you very much.

The flute also?

Yes, indeed, the issue is due to the compression method used for the sounds, which has produced some audible artifacts. We are going to switch to using the same sounds used in the desktop version, which will take up more storage space but which won’t have this problem. (We are only replacing the General MIDI sounds: the Yamaha S90 piano and the Iconica Sketch sounds don’t seem to have these artifacts, so we are going to leave them as they are.)

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Outstanding. Thank you for the quick turnaround.