Solution for Akai MPK Transport button issues

I spent a few hours looking for help getting the transport buttons working correctly, and couldn’t find much useful help, so I thought this may be useful for people in a similar boat.

First, In Vyzex, set the transport buttons to send CTRL messages
In Devices -> Device Setup -> Remote Devices, add a new Generic Remote if you haven’t done so already, and import the XML file which can be found in the “Preset Support Files\Cubase” directory of the Vyzex MPK88-61 installation folder.

Then, in the top panel/table thing, simply add the transport parameters (I’ve only added <</>>/Stop/Play/Rec, since I use them frequently, but other users may want to add different items). Anyways, you should name each parameter appropriately, activate midi learn and tap at the selected control, which should give you a channel of ‘1’ and an address of somewhere between ‘115’ and ‘119’. This automatically creates the parameters on the bottom panel, which you need to configure so that they do what you expect them to (set the Device for each parameter to Transport, and select the commands you want to use and how they should work. Personally I like <</>> to stepBar and stepBackBar)
MPK88_61_CubaseWithTransport.txt (26.7 KB)

First of all forget the line
“First, In Vyzex, set the transport buttons to send CTRL messages” and forget some submitted .txt file
Vyzex is not relevant to this problem. And the extension of a file would be .xml.

In my first reply I will take care of the first part of the problem

I have had my MPK49 for about a year.
It have real problem since AKAI seems to hate Steinberg and Steinberg seems to hate AKAI.
AKAI MPK is the best MIDI controller created and it is completely seamless if you work with useless software as Ableton.
It took me a half year to understand the interface to and from Cubase.
I am using Cubase 3, Cubase 5 ES, and occasionally Cubase 4 AI and Cubase 6.5.
But I have found out almost everything, according to the interface or communication between AKAI MPK and Cubase, in Cubase 3.
So here I start the tutorial. I take it from the beginning since I dont want to answer all elementary questions.

  1. Hook up your AKAI MPK to your computer (preferable a Mac but it probably works with a PC)
  2. Start your Cubase, open a new project and to be safe enter all Audio and Midi tracks you attempt to use, and to be extra safe go to Devices/VST Instruments and load all the VST Instruments you attempt use.
  3. Save it as a Template. Of course it will take longer next time to load a big template than a small, but it is easier to remove tracks then to add, and get them at the right knobs and sliders. It also good to start the Devices/Mixer so you can see the interaction of all tracks instantaneously.
  4. Open a new Remote Generic Device under Devices/Device Setup/Remote Devices/Add and-or Import the AKAI.xml that was included in the AKAI CD.

5. In the upper table or matrix, scroll down until you see “stop” “start” “rec” “rwd” “ffwd” in the first column they are assigned to addresses from 115-119 and by evilness, uninterest or some other reason but they are not assigned to MIDI Channel “1” and thats the key to the specific question. ASSINGN THE “MIDI Cannel” to “1”, that will solve the transport button problem.
6. To be safe push the button Export and enter your desired name, and for your convenience include your name and AKAI in the name, so you can find it at a later moment.

6. In the lower table or matrix you can decide how you want the “ffwd” and “rew” to work, you will probably also want the rotation knobs on your AKAI MPK work as “pan”-buttons, both if they are Audio or MIDI tracks. Audio tracks are not by default assigned to be in “pan”-mode.

To be contiued, when I have more time. Now i need some thing to eat. It will also be publised at Youtube since nobody else did it. If I get a reply on this i will try to fulfill it as soon as possible


I purchased an MPK249 and there was no AKAI CD in the package. Where can I download the XML file from? Same for MPK261.

Is there anyone who’s willing to share their configuration file?

Thank you.