Solution for long tempo marks?

I have a vague feeling I remember this being discussed before, but I can’t find it.

I have a song with tightly-spaced instrument parts. The initial tempo marking is a bit long, though not outlandish: “Gently, Swing 16th, q-112” over top of an 8-bar multirest. (And it’s not my arrangement, so I don’t have the option of changing it).

The result is that the initial multi-bar rest is far too long for the system, and prevents me from pursuing the tight spacing I need.

Is there a workaround? I can’t think of one. And is this in consideration for future updates? I’m thinking specifically of the option to allow an initial tempo marking to flow across multi-bar sections.


For now: Hide the tempo marking and recreate it as system text?

Yes, it is on our backlog to make the behaviour of preventing a tempo mark from extending beyond the multi-bar rest over which it begins optional, but I can’t say when this will be done.

It would additionally be incredibly useful to have the ability to add line breaks in long tempo marks — some magical solution where they could be optional/used only in some parts/etc. Often if a composer uses a long tempo marking, it works fine in the score and some parts, but in other parts it needs to be in two lines. Is there any way to do that currently?

There’s no way of doing it currently, short of having multiple markings that are hidden in some layouts and shown in others. And when I say hidden, I mean scaled to 1% and coloured white, or dragged off the page or whatever.