Solution for old vst plugins with small guis in Cubase

Some older plugins like Waldorf PPG.V3 or Korg Wavestation simply have too small guis to enjoy working on them using todays standard screen resolutions. So I’m looking for possible solutions. I’m thinking of buying a third, maybe smaller, maybe older monitor and put these plugins there using a lower resolution on it while keeping my two standard monitors resolution as it is. Does anyone work with such a solution? Or how do you work with older plugins? I’m using Cubase 12 on Windows 10 and two 24" monitors.

I’ve been using 2 different resolution monitors with Cubase on my Win10 setup for several years (running each monitor in its native resolution). It seems to work ok for me. And yes, it makes small GUI plugins more tolerable.

However I have not run 3 monitors for any length of time (other than a very quick test), so I can’t speak from experience in that scenario.

However I’ve taken the overall approach to run a 40" 4K TV as my main monitor on my desk, and at that screen size the pixel size is about the same as on a 24" 1080p (full HD) monitor. So small GUIs are the same size for me as they were on my old 24" full HD monitors.

p.s. In theory, you could also fiddle with Windows 10 magnification settings on one of the monitors, but (if I recall some older forum posts correctly) that introduces occasional GUI problems for individuals who are running things that way.

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I pinned the Windows Magnifier to my taskbar to deal with the ittybitty gui’s


I tried the magnifier earlier and thought it wouldn’t work as the plugin always disappeared when I increased to 150% but I guess I just didn’t know how it worked. Tested it again today and it seems to do the job for me.

Thanks for both your inputs.


Hmm thats interesting, as a 24" 1080p monitor has 91 pixel per inch and a 40" 4k has 110 ppi. The difference is quite noticeably if you don’t mess with scaling (about 20% more pixels with the 4k one).

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You’re right - it’s a 20% difference, but I guess for my eyes it’s still close enough to be workable.

Also, it’s been difficult to get 40" 4K TV’s lately, while the new common standard seems to be 43" at 4k. And that’s about 102 pixels per inch, so a bit less of a difference.

So that may be another way of going about it for some individuals - but not so much for others.

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