[Solution] This can help, problems with child windows etc...

going to give a shot now and see if it helps

Im not seeing the button that you are talking about anywhere in the top left. i opened cubase 8 and created an empty project

Before you do or load anything in Cubase PRO 8

works great, thanks :slight_smile:

it would be good to sticky this solution

Excellent , i always thought the grey behind the hub was ugly . Many thanks :wink:

Thanks. Glad you all liked it.

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Strange - I never had the grey background, but when I started fiddling around with the settings as you described -it appeared.

Another way to show or hide the grey background is to double click the main menu bar in the blank area to the right of the menu options.

Thanks for figuring this out for us. I have yet to test the Kontakt issues everyone else is reporting.


Hi Freddy. Unfortunately I’m already using C8 as you mentioned (without grey background) and I’m having problems with dialog windows from Kontakt. (They don’t pop up in front)

Thanks anyway.


This doesn’t solve the problem with the “always on top” plug-ins if they trying to open a child window. Valhalla or other similar plug-ins are still not working, the “always on top” must be disabled for this plug-ins.
We must wait for the first bugfix, this brings us hopefully a working solution.

Okay… sorry that child windows didn’t solved for everyone. It work here on Kontakt 5 and Windows 7 at least.
I’m pretty sure Steinberg will solve this in the next update. I believe you all that it doesn’t work using windows 8.1 right?

Anyhow other benefits are still there example “auto hide taskbar” is still there. And be able to reach desktop. :wink:

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For me it does neither fix the “auto hide taskbar” problem, nor does it solve Kontakt’s child windows issue. And I’m on Windows 7. But thanks a lot, Freddie!

Sorry that you have problems. I hope they fix this very soon.
Thank you for taking the time writing back. So some are “lucky” some are not regardless if you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1?

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Hah! I always assumed this was general knowledge … the things one assumes for granted …
Now I understand better why there’s such a variety of problems and complaints being reported that I couldn’t fathom.

Me too ^. Very telling!

I have worked now some hours with Cubase PRO 8, and my solution works fine here! :smiley: :wink:


Are you able to do this with the mixer on a second monitor. I can’t :frowning:

It jumps back onto monitor 1.

Any suggestions ?

If I minimize the Mixer-view on my monitor 2, it get minimized and added to the taskbar always.
Not as you describe it = full view on monitor 1?

I have exactly the same behavior if I minimize the project window on monitor 1.
It get then minimized to the taskbar as the same as mix-console on monitor 2. I use my taskbar is in “auto hide” mode too.

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I see many still have trouble with navigating.

May I ask: is there any solution right now?

The Kontakt child windows are always behind Kontakt
and working with two monitors becomes a horror to me.