Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection)

Cubase needs this desperately… I am considering switching to BitWig.

1+ Cubase development team, please listen to your customers…

I don’t know if Steinberg Dev team or Project Managers read this thread, but there is an interesting poll about Cubase reliability/VST sandboxing on Reddit right now.

If there is enough support for it, it might help Steinberg’s team to prioritize this feature request.

So far, a huge majority are saying that Cubase is not 100% stable for them.

No. So far, the majority is saying they “Rarely” have Cubase “crash or lock up”.
For context, the other two poll options are “I’ve never had Cubase crash or lock up” and “Happens a bit too often for my liking”.

That poll is flawed. I’ve used Cubase for over 30 years. In these 30 years I have had Cubase crash on me so the “never” option would not be accurate. At the same time, I haven’t had the Cubase 12.0.70 Pro crash or freeze on me once.
So in other words, that poll isn’t going to tell you anything useful.

Do you have any friends or acquaintances who are have far above average credentials in comprehension of the English language?

If so, please ask them to:

  1. Review the current poll standings
  2. Inform you that the statement “a huge majority are saying that Cubase is not 100% stable for them.” is both logical and correct.

It doesn’t change the fact that this poll does not reveal any useful data.

Doesn’t change the fact that you keep presenting illogical and false statements to try and derail this feature request.

Why would you even try and hinder an initiative to help your fellow Cubase customers (please read this aging thread above) from at least having the option of a better user experience? A significant number of your peers who do have these issues might wonder what you would lose or gain by being unsupportive of their plight? What harm would it do to you?

You don’t need this proposed assistance - lucky you.

Many others do, so perhaps it would be nicer if you didn’t persist in trying to sabotage them from getting it?

Others that do (or dont) have these problems please vote - the poll will be decrease/increase the chance of what many think is a highly valuable UX/stability feature being implemented (or not).

No hard feelings and Thank you.

My statements on the subject of the poll you linked to are sound. The poll simply does not have enough specificity to be of any real use. I already gave one example highlighting its fallacy.

I’m not unsupportive of anything in this thread. Where did you read that?

I was talking about the validity of the poll you posted, not the significance of the proposed feature of this thread.

Uhm, what?

It most certainly will not.

@Skope It is naive to think that the developers will be influenced to not introduce this feature due to something someone says in this topic.

Posting as moderator, it would be good to lower the heat a bit in this thread.

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Please, let’s try not to derail the objective/potential solution of this thread anymore and agree to disagree.

Thank you for your contribution.

Sure Steve - I wouldn’t say naive, more factually correct. The statement was for the benefit of people who might (correctly) say even unlikely events may sometimes happen, given the free will of humans.

By the way Steve, if you could perhaps kindly draw attention to the topic of the poll and this thread with the Steinberg Devs and/or the Project management team, many in these threads would be very grateful of your help. Perhaps we might even see it implemented within a couple of versions.

Thank you very much!

I can assure you, that is not how it works. My saying something to the devs would make no difference, except maybe to annoy.

I would add this – I think sandboxing is a Good Thing. On the same token, if there are stability issues that are caused by plugins, even with sandboxing, the crash in the plugin must be dealt with by its developer.

Speaking for myself only, if a plugin crashes my system, I remove it, and if possible alert the plugin developer.

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Hi @steve

I know amongst the very sizeable support for this featureset, there have been the odd discouraging comments, but having worked in various software development, QA analysis and Project management roles for over 20 years, I do know that the best companies benefit from responding appropriately to customer feedback.

I know this sounds obvious, but perhaps should be stated: They do their best to promptly implement beneficial UX changes to resolve/mitigate issues which regularly affect a significant portion of these customers. This responsiveness, done correctly, boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, company reputation as well as customer acquisition and retention.

Respectfully, the saying “you don’t know unless you try” may apply here.

In this case, please would you try and ask for us?

Thank you.


Thanks for your contribution towards customer satisfaction.

I have saved the mhtml of this thread.

I will now try alternative routes/contacts to get this feature implemented.

To the others hoping for a solution : I’m still optimistic that Steinberg will help their paying customers with this request - please don’t give up!

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It’s a no brainer IMO. Most of my projects are 100+ tracks with a huge mix of native and 3rd party plugins which I try and ensure are always running latest patches and updates… the amount of times I switch from project to project with activate unloading and re-loading, I always get a crash… and it’s it’s never the same plugin causing it in the DMP… this would be a game changer.


Totally agree.
People suggesting to just get rid of the “faulty” plugin probably don’t use Cubase in a professional mix context.

To get rid of a buggy plugin, you first have to find it and to understand in which context it caused a crash, as the very same plugin can run fine in 20 projects and at the same time cause a crash in another one. Often it is also a certain combination of plugins and also your HW and OS is involved.

Good luck doing this with projects of 100+tracks with hundreds of different plugins and probably multiple computers lol.

Alone having the possibility to know which plugin crashed Cubase is worth this FR imho.


Plugin sandboxing would be great! I have to bump this up!

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