solution to not loose the focus of select track?

A new things annoying for me from introduce in new mixer of cubase7:
you have and work on a midi track or instrument track (select in the arrange windows) assign to a group channel with
effect plugin, if you psuh on a “E” in the mixer you loose the focus of the select track so you can’t play your vsti via midi because it is no more selected in the arrange window.
In the past ( cubase anterior) when you pushed on “E” in the mixer track the focus was not change
Now we must allways push the “speaker icon” in the arrange page and when we change of miditrack we must disable the
speaker icon of the previous track and activate the new one
as hard to explain as to do!

nobody annoying by this?
you play a track with a midi vsti and want to change a setting reverb… when you hit the “E” in the mixer , you don’t hear anymore what you play with your midi keyboard: why? because the midi or instrument track in the arrange window is no more selected grrr!! the " “keyboard icon” is not solution beacause we are allways toggle with it
No solutions to keep the focus of the selected track in arrange window?
next update please less mouse click in everything please! +1
best regards

i m agree it 's very annoying, see my topic about : (desynchronise project and mixer selection)

Hi has this been fixed in 7.0.2 ? I have had this issue for ages and only just stumbled across the supposed solution - sync project with mixer - which now seems to be removed from Cubase 7.

The previous thread I was on is locked with no apparent solution. Anyone know if the thread li8nked below has been fixed?

Does disabling “Record follows track selection” in the preferences fix the problem? You will need to specifically arm tracks that you would like to control with midi, but I prefer it that way, because it means I can still control the VSTi (including recording) while messing around with other tracks.