Solution to start up crashes related to videoengine.dll

For anyone else that’s getting crashes when starting up Cubase and it loads the videoengine.dll (aka the video handler or video player), I wanted to post how I fixed this problem. This problem occurred in Cubase version 5.5.0 and up. It also occurred in the 6.5 demo.

After spending a lot of time looking for things that might be conflicting with the videoengine.dll, such as residual drivers, new video codecs and incompatible VSTs, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling various video card drivers (and trying different video cards too) I realized that I had some software still installed from my Blackmagic Intensity Pro video capture card. I had removed that card from my system to make room for my UAD card, and I guess Cubase or something else didn’t like that the Blackmagic software was still present in my system (but that the card was not). After doing a standard uninstall of all the Blackmagic software, Cubase booted up fine. So, I would suggest that anyone else that’s having similar problems look for any software that might be related to hardware that was recently removed from their system (Steinberg may be able to elaborate further). I suppose with this card being a video capture, it might have been particularly problematic.


Also, if you never import videos, you can remove the video engine dll from your components. It’s funny that you mention this, slohrisch, because this isn’t the first time that Cubase and other softwares have conflicted. Recently another could not start up past the SSE Optimize Audio DSP Library on the splash screen, but was able after uninstalling Guitar Pro. Curious. :confused: