SOLUTION to the Download failure Problem

This was a tip from another user…

On a Mac using Firefox aided by the “DownThemAll” add-on Download manager, the 9.2GB Installer downloaded without interruption.
Don’t know why, but it worked.

Now I am downloading the HSO 6GB installer

Just downloaded the 6GB HSO.
Will be donating to DownThemAll

i tried that but the downthemall thing was slow, like 100 kb/s slow, usually it downloads with 1.4 mb/s and the thing always crashed when the download started, like it took so long until it did what u clicked on, and the download stopped after a few minutes saying size mismatch or something

it shouldn’t be this hard downloading a trial, or maybe even the regular one after you bought it. this kinda makes you think if you should buy it, what if you can’t get it then either

I GOT IT, i finally got it to download, i used internet explorer and after the first time where it says download interrupted i hit resume and then waited until around 66% because it usually stopped at 70 % the next time but won’t let me resume, and i paused myself and then resumed and it kept going, i did the same every 10 % and it downloaded all the way.