Solutions for scroll without moving faders, sliders, knobs, etc.

There is always a problem when scroll up/down/left/right and cursor passes over a slider, fader, knob, etc and the value of this control is changed accidentally.

I see 2 new solutions that Cubase could add to Preferences:

1- Make a checkbox in Preferences to apply a delay of 0,8 seconds between scroll up/down/left/right and moving any control

It means that when Cubase detects that scroll is moving the window up/down/left/right, all faders/slots/knobs/sliders are disabled until scroll stops and time runs for 0.8 seconds.
After 0,8 seconds, all controls are enabled agin.
This solution would solve the accidental changes in any control

2- Make 2 new combinations of modifier keys+scroll to scroll window

It means to make one combination of modifier keys+scroll to make vertical scroll, and another combination for making horizontal scroll.

  • holding shift+control and moving scroll wheel, the window of Cubase make scroll up/down
  • holding shift+alt and moving scroll wheel, the window of Cubase make scroll left/right

Obviously, when shift/control or shift/alt are pressed, Cubase should disable all the controls for sliders, faders, knobs, etc.
With this preference enabled, we could go up/down & left/right in a very safe way.

If both solutions are displayed in Preferences, each user could decide which one is more convenient for his needings.