SOLVE wave dissolves like it is choked when recording

mac #MacMini #M2 #OS SONOMA 14.5
The strangest thing., when recording in cubase 13, you only have 2 channel to record from. If you make 12 channel mono input all channel recive a signal on input fader. If you go into high pitch the wave sample shows as it was fading out and sounds are choked.
In Cubase 12 there are no problem at all.
And I tried litrely everything, all kinds of reset prefs, fw update and hardware init.
And the solve was as simple as this. Mac OS has a build in funktion, a mic icon up in the left corner
sound disappears1
If you push that bottom you’ll see that cubase is depending off the settings selected
voice disappears
And if it is set to Voice isolation that were it starts to make a problem.
set it to standard or choose another input device in Mac system preferences.
Now everything works like a charm.