[SOLVED] 1.9 - Region Select and Hold BUG!?


When selecting a region of midi to move to another track or further down the time line, I tap and hold to select and move it.

When I do this, for some reason at the point I have my finger pressed it changes the loop markers to the region I select which is pretty darn annoying.

Is this a feature or a bug?

If it’s a feature how do I turn it off?

Hi Dave,

A long tap on an event leads to a move of the locators to match its size and position.
As described in the in-app help this is intended behaviour and not a bug.

However this should not interfere with moving files to other tracks.
Gave it a short check and it works as intended (takes about two seconds to activate “locators to selection” via long tap).

Is it possible that you wait too long after tapping an event to be moved?