[SOLVED] 2 Quick Questions - A Sorta Noob

Holiday Greetings to all across the web,

Having been a long time everything-but-Cubase user I tried a demo last month, loved it!, and my wife bought me 8.5 Pro for the Holidays! Yes, I married wisely, lol.

I’ve figured out most of my issues but here are 2 that I’ve been stumped on.

  1. When saving a Workspace, the Mixer fader width does not save… is this an option I can fix?

  2. Can I change the Cubase default Project Folder location? I know how to select the option in the Hub, but I’d like the default to be in my dedicated Projects HD.

Thanks for the help!


  1. No, unfortunately fader width is not part of Workspaces.

  2. Yes, in Steinberg Hub, there is Use default location. Once you click to the location, you can change your location, which will be used for all projects, then.

#1 a Bummer :smiley:, Thanks for #2! I’ll give it a whirl.

That did it!

Should have asked 3 hours ago, lol.

Digging is part of the learning process though.

Thanks again for taking the time to chime in.